Detroit Pistons rumors: Possible fallout from 7 unhappy playoff teams

Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Clippers
Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Clippers / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages
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#5: New Orleans Pelicans

We've talked about the possibility of trading for Brandon Ingram, which may have grown after the Pels were bounced from the playoffs with Zion Williams injured.

But the Pelicans also have free-agent Naji Marshall, who would be a nice role player off the bench and will be far less costly than Ingram.

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#6: Milwaukee Bucks

The Pistons have reportedly requested an interview with GM Jon Horst, so they are already trying to take advantage of the Bucks' first-round defeat.

Player-wise, there might not be much here for Detroit, as the Bucks aren't going to blow up their roster, but one name to watch is Khris Middleton.

Middleton played well in the playoffs, but he has been on and off the injured list over the last two seasons and moving his salary may be the only way for the Bucks to open up any meaningful cap space.

If they wanted to trade him to free up some money, Detroit could be in the mix given that they will have cap space and could send a lesser contract back.