Way too early Pistons starting lineups and rotations with Tobias Harris

Philadelphia 76ers v Detroit Pistons
Philadelphia 76ers v Detroit Pistons / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages
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#3: Ausar Thompson as the starting two 

We are getting closer to my favorite starting lineup for the Detroit Pistons with this version: 

-Cade Cunningham/Jaden Ivey/Marcus Sasser 

-Ausar Thompson/Tim Hardaway Jr. 

-Simone Fontecchio/Ron Holland 

-Tobias Harris 

-Jalen Duren/Isaiah Stewart 

We are getting somewhere now. I am far higher on the fit between Ausar Thompson and Cade Cunningham than Ivey in that role, as Ausar can affect the game without needing the ball in his hands. 

This gives the Pistons a big and balanced starting five that has both defense and scoring. Cade has a lob threat in Duren, but spacers with Fontecchio and Harris and Thompson just takes the toughest defensive assignment and plays like a free safety on both ends. 

I like it. 

But there is one I like more.