Way too early Pistons starting lineups and rotations with Tobias Harris

Philadelphia 76ers v Detroit Pistons
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#4: Why isn’t Isaiah Stewart starting? 

We hear a lot about Stewart as the backup big man, but why isn’t he being considered for a starting job? He can shoot and defend better than Duren, even though he doesn’t offer the same threat in the paint. But I would love if the Pistons ran this lineup, which could maximize their offense: 

-Cade Cunningham/Jaden Ivey/Marcus Sasser 

-Ausar Thompson/Tim Hardaway Jr. 

-Simone Fontecchio/Ron Holland 

-Tobias Harris 

-Isaiah Stewart/Jalen Duren 

This gives Cade Cunningham three players who can shoot, which would allow the Pistons to run some five out, which we have rarely seen. 

This would also allow both Ivey and Duren to work off the bench in bigger roles, flanked by a veteran shooter in THJ. 

This rotation allows each player to have a defined role. Cade is running the show, Ausar the defensive stopper, Tek and Harris for the corner 3’s and Beef Stew holding down the middle and providing more spacing from the five. 

Same with the bench, where Ivey can run the offense and PnR with Duren, Hardaway spreading the floor with Holland as the defensive wildcard. 

The rotation is still a work in progress, so it’s likely another name will be added to the possibilities. The Pistons aren’t going to win the title next year, but this is already a more balanced and better team than the one they rolled out last season.