Could Pistons take advantage of the mess in Phoenix?

Detroit Pistons v Phoenix Suns
Detroit Pistons v Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Fans of the Detroit Pistons have nothing to do but wait. 

We are waiting for the team to hire a new president of basketball operations, a process that is going painfully slow given the fact the team has been out of it since November. 

We are also waiting to see if any stars will be available this summer, whether they are of the unhappy variety or on teams that need to shed payroll. 

One interesting team to watch is the Phoenix Suns, who just got swept in the first round and have some internal conflict according to Shams Charania of The Athletic (subscription).

5 Stars the Pistons missed by a single pick in the NBA Draft. 5 Stars the Pistons missed by a single pick in the NBA Draft. dark. Related Story

But is there any way the Detroit Pistons can take advantage? The short answer is probably not. 

The Detroit Pistons and Bradley Beal 

I’m sure the Suns would love to dump Bradley Beal’s contract on someone, and the Pistons are one of the few teams in a position to take it on. I did list Beal as a sleeper trade target for the Pistons this offeason, mostly due to the lack of viable options. 

But Beal is owed $50, 53 and 57 million over the next three seasons and is no longer a star. In a vacuum, taking on a bad contract for assets is an option for the Pistons this offseason, but what assets can the Suns offer? They only have two draft picks they can trade, the 22nd this season and one in 2031, so the Pistons would have little incentive to bail them out. 

Even if the Pistons did want him, Beal has a no trade clause and it’s doubtful he’d want to go to Detroit. The Suns are probably stuck with Beal whether they like it or not.

Kevin Durant 

As per his modus operandi, Durant is already leaking his dissatisfaction with his role on the Suns (shocker!) and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him traded this summer, which would be one way for the Suns to cut payroll and reap some assets in a soft rebuild around Booker. 

If that happens, the Pistons won’t be anywhere near that trade, as Durant has plenty of leverage and can probably dictate the terms.  

Devin Booker 

Pistons fans have been dreaming of the day Booker comes home, but I don’t see it happening. The Suns would be mad to trade Booker right now, as he is the face of the franchise and still under contract for four more seasons. 

Even if they did, there are teams who could put together better deals than the Pistons, who would likely have to trade away every asset they have other than Cade Cunningham to even get into the discussion. 

In fact, I am not even sure if Cade Cunningham gets you into the discussion, though he is arguably a better fit with Durant and Beal. 

The Suns have some major issues, but it’s highly doubtful the Detroit Pistons can profit from them.