Detroit Pistons: Tough conversations with Troy Weaver

Jun 13, 2023; Detroit, MI, USA; Monty Williams new coach of the Detroit Pistons talks with general
Jun 13, 2023; Detroit, MI, USA; Monty Williams new coach of the Detroit Pistons talks with general / Brian Bradshaw Sevald-USA TODAY Sports
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Tough conversations with Troy Weaver

3. Why haven't you maximized your roster around Cade Cunningham?

Cade Cunningham is a playmaker whose biggest strength is making the other players around him better. But you've done nothing to help him. Other than Cade, who has been a mediocre shooter so far, you haven't drafted anyone who can shoot other than Marcus Sasser, who is a small combo guard who comes off your bench. Cunningham needs to be surrounded by shooters who create space for him to operate in the mid-range and paint, where he can be deadly. You've given him guys like Marvin Bagley III, Isaiah Stewart, Killian Hayes, James Wiseman et al. to work with with predictably terrible results. Look at what Tyrese Haliburton (don't worry, I won't go there) has around him in Indiana. He is surrounded by shooters and thriving. This is not the 1990's, so why are you building around your franchise player with guys who cannot shoot? Your roster doesn't make any sense if you are building around Cade Cunningham, so are you? Do you not think he's your guy? None of your roster moves speak to a GM who is trying to maximize Cade Cunningham's potential.

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4. Why haven't you taken any chances on free agents?

I get not wanting to make a massive mistake, as signing and/or trading for the wrong players has been a big part of the problem for the Pistons over the last 15 years and counting. But at some point, you have to take a chance on someone, right? In the last three offseasons, you have added next to nothing in free agency and instead have taken on useless salary dumps like Joe Harris (did you REALLY think he could still play?) in exchange for second-round picks. You've spent $60 million on Alec Burks, Monte Morris, Joe Harris and a few second-rounders instead of trying to add guys who could help this team win. Teams like the Rockets took some chances in the offseason and they paid off, as you need veteran contributors to win in this league, which I am sure you know. So why didn't you get any? Why are you so reluctant to take a risk?