Possible Pistons trade with every team in the NBA Draft lottery

Houston Rockets v Detroit Pistons
Houston Rockets v Detroit Pistons / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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#4: Skip. I can’t come up with anything for the Spurs here. If you can, let me know. 

#3: Detroit Pistons trade Jaden Ivey and a 2029 1st-round pick to the Houston Rockets for Jalen Green 

Woah. This would certainly get these two fanbases buzzing. 

Houston would likely only be interested in this if they had no intention of offering Green an extension this offseason. 

It would be a massive risk for Detroit, as Green has been just as inconsistent as Ivey and is also a poor defender, but his highs have been higher than Ivey’s and he had a nice stretch during Houston’s winning streak in which he looked like an elite scorer. 

Is that upgrade worth a 1st-round pick? Would the Pistons want to extend Green and put him next to Cade Cunningham long term? 

There’s a lot to digest here for both teams, but if Houston doesn’t want Green long term, it would give the Pistons a chance to take a flyer on a guy who has very much looked like a star at times.