Possible Pistons trade with every team in the NBA Draft lottery

Houston Rockets v Detroit Pistons
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#2: Detroit Pistons trade Marcus Sasser and the 5th pick to the Washington Wizards for Kyle Kuzma 

The Wizards are reportedly trying to add another first-round pick, and this would be one way to do it. 

I have had Pistons fans tell me they wouldn’t give up the 5th pick for Kuzma and I can see the argument, as in most drafts, there would be a good chance you could find a player who ends up being better. 

But in this one? I am not so sure. 

Kuzma would give the Pistons a legit second option, a big wing who can spread the floor and they wouldn’t have to give up any of their young players to get him. He’d push Stewart to the bench as an all-purpose big, which should be his role and give the Pistons another 20+ppg scorer in the starting five. Kuzma is also on a value contract that gets cheaper as it goes.

This is a tough call, as Kuzma is a good-not-great player and who knows, someone like Matas Buzelis may be better in 3-4 years, but do the Pistons want to wait that long?