Possible Pistons trade with every team in the NBA Draft lottery

Houston Rockets v Detroit Pistons
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#12: Detroit Pistons trade Jaden Ivey to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Isaiah Joe and the 12th pick 

I doubt OKC would want any part of Ivey, as he’s not a great fit with SGA, but I am not worried about them. 

The question is whether the Pistons would give up on Ivey for a lesser prospect (Joe) and a later lottery pick in a weak draft. 

Joe has shot over 40 percent from long range in the last two seasons, so he is a fit with Cade Cunningham. 

The Thunder get the higher-end prospect in Ivey, pooling some of their assets for the upgrade. They don’t need more young talent, so giving up the 12th pick doesn’t hurt them, and the Pistons can use it to upgrade their wing position. 

The Thunder might see this as too much to give up for Ivey, and the Pistons would have to weigh his upside vs the chance they find a better-fitting player with the 12th pick.