Possible Pistons trade with every team in the NBA Draft lottery

Houston Rockets v Detroit Pistons
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#11: The Detroit Pistons trade Marcus Sasser to the Chicago Bulls for Zach LaVine and the 11th pick 

The Pistons have been attached to LaVine in the past and there was a time when some people were suggesting they should trade Jaden Ivey to get him, which seems like an overpay considering LaVine’s injury history and contract. 

Recent rumors had the Bulls giving up draft assets just to get rid of LaVine, so if they want the Pistons to clear their cap sheet of his albatross contract, they are going to have to pay. 

It costs them the 11th pick, but the Bulls pick up over $40 million in cap space to help rebuild their team around Coby White. Would the Bulls trade this much just to get off LaVine? 

Given their stubborn refusal to rebuild, the answer is probably no, but Sasser would at least give them another young player and all of that cap space would be enticing. 

To me, if the Pistons are going to take on LaVine, they can’t also pay to do it, as he is too big a risk, just off surgery and still owed over $136 million over three years. If Detroit is not getting an asset to take on LaVine, they should run away.