Possible Pistons trade with every team in the NBA Draft lottery

Houston Rockets v Detroit Pistons
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#7: Detroit Pistons trade Isaiah Stewart and the 5th pick to the Portland Trail Blazers for Jerami Grant and the 7th pick 

How desperate are the Trail Blazers to get off Jerami Grant’s contract this summer? His deal isn’t the worst by any means, but it is borderline bad given that it extends four more seasons. 

In this trade, Portland clears Grant’s deal from their books while moving up in the draft, allowing them to get a top-5 pick to go along with pick #14. 

This would all be about getting younger and clearing cap space for Portland. 

The Pistons get a player in Grant who can help them now, swapping out Beef Stew and the 5th pick to get him. Would you rather have Grant and the 7th pick or Stewart and the 5th? Given the money involved, it’s not an easy question to answer.