4 Possible Pistons trades if Bulls, Thunder, Grizzlies or Jazz want Donovan Clingan

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As happens almost every year, NBA execs have identified one player, post NCAA season, to target and subsequently send his draft stock skyrocketing. This year, that recipient is Uconn’s Donovan Clingan. I published an article over a month ago making the case for Clingan for the Detroit Pistons, and if nothing else, his stock has only gone up since then.

The 20 year old, 7-foot-2 back-to-back national champ averaged 13 points, 7.4 rebounds, 2.5 blocks last season, and has been mocked to go anywhere from 3rd overall to 6th. It was reported on ESPN (subscription) that four teams are aggressively pursuing a trade up to grab the big man. Detroit, at five, is sitting pretty if a team were interested in trading up for him. 

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So let’s go through a potential trade for each of the rumored teams to swap with Detroit to grab Clingan. 

Detroit Pistons draft trade with the Chicago Bulls

5th to Bulls

Chicago currently sits just outside the top 10, at 11th overall. It’s almost guaranteed that Clingan will be long gone by 11, meaning the Bulls would need to trade up for a chance at him. With that being said, Chicago could offer Detroit something along the lines of Patrick Williams and the 11th overall for 5th overall and a second. Patrick Williams is slated to become a restricted free agent this offseason, and it’s looking more and more likely that Chicago will lose him for nothing here shortly.

In this scenario, Chicago gets the chance to move up and grab Clingan. Detroit gets a floor spacing forward to add to their core. Williams has had his ups and downs, but would fit very well in the Motor City with his 41 perent three point shooting. He's only 22, and if he stays healthy, has upside as a two-way wing.

Is this too optimistic for Detroit? Maybe a deal surrounding a first round pick swap, and aging Zach LaVine (and his enormous contract) is more accurate. A man can dream though.