4 Possible Pistons trades if Bulls, Thunder, Grizzlies or Jazz want Donovan Clingan

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Oklahoma City Thunder

5th to OKC TH

The Oklahoma City Thunder will more or less dictate the next few drafts based on their upcoming draft capital. In 2025 alone, they have five first round draft picks. They literally cannot roster all of these potential players, so their offer to Detroit to move up from 12 to five would likely be centered around rebuilding the Pistons draft capital pantry. 

To move up seven spots for a player with as much recent buzz as Donovan Clingan would probably start around one of their extra 1st round draft picks next year. OKC owns Houston's first round next season, which has quite a few contingencies surrounding it, but this would be fairly straightforward. The Thunder gets Donovan Clingan, and Detroit gets an extra 1st next year, and a second in 2026. 

This would also potentially allow the Pistons to get involved in bigger future trades, as they'd have a draft pick they could move in 2025.