4 Possible Pistons trades if Bulls, Thunder, Grizzlies or Jazz want Donovan Clingan

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Memphis Grizzlies

Pistons trade 5th overall to Memphis

The Memphis Grizzlies have been tied to Donovan Clingan for quite some time at this point. The issue with them is a lack of available trade ammunition. Detroit could take a look at their roster and, since the prized possessions such as GG Jackson likely won’t be available, build out a trade surrounding former Piston Luke Kennard. Detroit could desperately use Kennard’s three point shooting after finishing last year shooting 45 perent from deep. Kennard has a team option, so Memphis would have to opt-in to his final year first at $14.7 million.

Would a pick swap get Luke to Detroit? Maybe a second round pick would need to be included, I could honestly see both sides claiming they need one to make this work. To balance out the possible optimism from the last mock trade, let’s say Memphis would require a 2nd from Detroit to get this done. 

There is also an argument that the oft-injured Kennard at $15 million is not enough payoff to move back this much, though four spots shouldn't make too much difference in this draft.