4 Possible Pistons trades if Bulls, Thunder, Grizzlies or Jazz want Donovan Clingan

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Utah Jazz

Detroit trades 5th overall to the Utah Jazz

It was somewhat of a surprise to see that Utah was included in the teams that are actively trying to get Donovan Clingan. They currently have two 7-foot big men on the roster in Walker Kessler and Lauri Markkanen so adding Clingan seems like overkill. With that being said, there is a chance they will be moving on from one of the two and look to replace them with Donovan. If the Jazz really wanted to move up from 10 to 5 to grab the Uconn shot blocker, with the new wave of forwards, they might be willing to part with John Collins. 

We’ve touched on John Collins to Detroit quite a bit back at the trade deadline, but the 26 year old would fill a hole for Detroit at the three, where he plays best. 15 points per game on 37 percent three point shooting would be a nice piece for Trajan to work with. A few second round picks may be required to get this done, but it’s worth asking.

Could the Pistons get the Jazz to part with Taylor Hendricks? It's definitely worth exploring if they want to move up.