What could the Pistons get for trading the #1 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft?

2022 NBA Draft
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Pistons trading the #1 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft

Only three times since the NBA Draft Lottery was established has the number one overall draft pick been traded. The most recent was when Philadelphia traded up with the Boston Celtics from third overall to first. Philly wound up selecting Markelle Fultz and Boston, at three, picked Jayson Tatum. As the 76ers were only moving up two spots, the price tag was not too high from Boston.

The Celtics would get an additional lottery pick, number 14 overall. In a draft where there wasn’t a franchise-changing top option, Boston was easily able to move back just a few spots without feeling they missed a cornerstone player. Obviously, it would work out even better for them as Tatum’s career has been leaps and bounds better than the less-than-successful one of Fultz.

The second time in the lottery era that a number one overall was traded was back in 2014. This situation was slightly different as the Cavaliers actually made their selection at 1 overall, but would trade him just 30 days later. LeBron James had decided to return to his hometown, and Cleveland used Andrew Wiggins, and former number one overall pick Anthony Bennett, to get LeBron and all-star Kevin Love. A replication of this would likely be a package of the upcoming number one overall, as well as recent lottery pick Jaden Ivey or Ausar Thompson for a proven all-star.  

The final time in the lottery era that a number one overall was traded took place way back in 1993 when Detroit native Chris Webber was traded on draft night from Orlando to Golden State for the number three overall pick, as well as three future first-rounders. Being that this trade was 30 years ago, I don’t think it is a good representation of what Detroit could get for their overall pick this season.