What could the Pistons get for trading the #1 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft?

2022 NBA Draft
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What if Detroit Decided to Follow Suit and Trade?

So would Detroit decide to move their 2024 draft pick if they were to be awarded with the number one overall? Based on the trade history we just went over, the most likely scenarios would be to move down to three or four in exchange for an additional lottery selection, or packaging the pick with another of Detroit’s young starters for a proven all-star caliber player. 

One possibility might be something like the number one overall pick and a recent lottery selection like Ausar Thompson or Jaden Ivey in exchange for proven talent. While I don’t think there is anyone who is a perfect fit and talent as Kevin Love was for the Cavs back in 2014, Detroit could target someone like Lauri Markkanen or Brandon Ingram. Both would fill holes and add all-star level talent. I personally don't think this deal gets done just on this alone, but the possibility is there for Detroit to negotiate. 

If Detroit were to follow the other time number one overall was traded, they might create a package with say the Spurs or Wizards to move back a few selections, while also obtaining either of their second lottery picks. This would allow Detroit to bolster their core four with the expected top five pick swap with either team, while also adding great first round depth with their second selection.

Each draft class is different, and each general manager making trades is different. Does Troy Weaver value draft picks more than the 76ers or Cavs did when they made their deals surrounding number one overall? Would he even be able to swing a trade as they had? Still plenty of time to make that decision.