4 Detroit Pistons who hurt their contract value in 2023-24

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James Wiseman (free agent)

James Wiseman made $12.1 million in the final year of his rookie deal but isn't likely to sniff that annual paycheck on his next contract.

Wiseman has a qualifying offer of $15.8 million, which the Pistons absolutely should not make, which would turn Wiseman into an unrestricted free agent.

The Pistons may consider bringing Wiseman back as a project third center, as he's still very young and did show some flashes, but he can't be a guy they count on for minutes next season and they can likely find a cheaper upgrade who can contribute.

Wiseman will get a contract from someone, but he'll probably have to settle for a shorter deal or one where he is making closer to the minimum. Wiseman had a chance to raise his value on the free-agent market this summer, but it looks like he went the other way.