4 Detroit Pistons who hurt their contract value in 2023-24

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Cade Cunningham (extension eligible)

Cade Cunningham is eligible for a max extension this summer and he'll almost certainly get it from the Detroit Pistons.

He improved this season, played like an All-Star for much of it and tightened up areas of concern, namely his 3-point shooting and turnovers. But he has only played 62 games after missing all but 12 the year before and the team just finished with its worst record in history.

Cunningham is going to get his money, but will he get the full max? Given his injury history and the lack of team success, Detroit could offer something more in line with Desmond Bane's contract in Memphis, somewhere in the range of 5 years $200 million without the Designated Rookie status.

Of course, Cunningham may laugh and tell the team to pay him his money or else, which is also a distinct possibility. Detroit's desperation to have a star may force their hand here, but it will be interesting to see if it was the team or Cade Cunningham that lost leverage in the negotiations.

If Cunningham lost anything, it won't be much, but this season may have given the Pistons a chance to work some favorable incentive-based options into his next contract.