7 Detroit Pistons who shouldn't be back after embarrassing season

Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers
Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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Evan Fournier 

If the Detroit Pistons were to pick up Fournier’s $19 million option for next season that might be enough to get me to tap out on this team. Even on a minimum deal it would still be a big fat no. If Fournier isn’t good enough to crack the rotation of a good team, then why should Detroit carry him? That has to be the standard moving forward, as the Pistons currently have exactly one player (Cade Cunningham) who would start on a good team. The rest would be backups or not on a roster at all. They have to raise the standards beyond “guy who shoots 27 percent from 3-point range and couldn’t sniff the floor on the Knicks.” Don’t even think about it, Pistons. 

James Wiseman 

There were a few games where it looked like Wiseman might be worth a flyer on a minimum deal next season, but the Pistons must improve their defense at center and Wiseman ain’t it. Wiseman is a freakish athlete who can do things few big man can, but he is still bad at the fundamentals of basketball. The Pistons shouldn’t be carrying more than one project center at a time, and they already have Jalen Duren, who needs plenty of work himself. Bring in two more experienced centers to compete with Duren and let Wiseman go to a team looking for a project. He sounds like a future Wizard to me.