7 Detroit Pistons who shouldn't be back after embarrassing season

Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers
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Jaden Ivey 

A lot of people will disagree with this one, but to me, Jaden Ivey was the most disappointing Piston this season. You can blame part of his struggles on Monty Williams, who certainly didn’t help by bringing him off the bench in favor of Killian Hayes, refusing to stagger him with Cade Cunningham and refusing to plot out a real role for the second-year guard. But at what point do the players have to take some accountability? Ivey was more inefficient this season than last, made questionable decisions and is still a liability on defense. Other than his speed, there isn’t anything he does particularly well, but even that speed is misleading, as it often gets him into trouble. 

This isn’t to say the Pistons should give up on Ivey completely, and there is certainly a world in which he comes back and plays well for Detroit. But they can’t just slot him into the starting two-guard spot next season. They have to bring in competition even if that means trading Ivey or bringing him off the bench in a different role. Ivey was slightly more efficient off the bench than as a starter this season, so maybe that is the ultimate answer. The Pistons need a starting two who can spread the floor and defend, and Ivey does neither right now. If the Pistons can package him in a trade this offseason, they have to consider it if the deal is right, but if not, they have to come up with a sustainable and consistent role for Jaden Ivey.