Detroit Pistons named as "worst spot" for superstar free agent

Charlotte Hornets v Detroit Pistons
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Now that the Detroit Pistons have their president of basketball operations in place in Trajan Langdon, it’s time to start the hard work of fixing this team. 

Langdon already canned Troy Weaver, a necessary subtraction, after Weaver turned down an offer to stay on as a scout. 

He’ll focus next on coach Monty Williams, who could be back or could be joining Weaver on the job line, albeit with a ton of Tom Gores’ money in his pocket. 

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After that, it’s time to fix the roster and between the draft, trades and free agency, Langdon has plenty of ways to do it, especially considering the Pistons should have upwards of $65 million to spend. 

Could his first move be to land a big-time free agent? It’s not likely, nor wise, according to one publication. 

Detroit Pistons named as “worst spot” for free agent Paul George 

A recent article in Bleacher Report named the Detroit Pistons as the worst possible landing spot for superstar free agent Paul George. 

Let’s be real here: The chances of the Pistons signing George in free agency were always slim and none. George is 34 years old and unlikely to want to join the worst team in the NBA at this stage of his career. 

The only reason he’d even consider it is if the Pistons are the only team to offer him a full max deal, which they could feasibly do. As good as George is, he’s only played over 60 games once in the last five years, which happened to be this one, a potential “contract” year if he opts out of the final year of his deal with LA. 

Detroit would have to pay him upwards of $200 million for four seasons to even get consideration. It’s hard to see Trajan Langdon wanting to make an all-in move like that right away, especially given George’s injury history. 

George would probably say no anyway, but if he didn’t, do you really trust a guy who just joined the worst team over the last 15 years just to add a few more dollars to his vault? Do you think Detroit would get 100 percent or a guy who would phone it in for four years and collect huge checks? I’m not so sure. 

I love Paul George and he’d be an ideal basketball fit for the Pistons without a doubt, but his timeline is way off theirs at the moment. A team like the Pistons can’t turn down a player like Paul George but they will probably never get the chance to find out anyway.