Draft targets for the Detroit Pistons if they trade back

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Kyshawn George, 6’7 Miami

Unlike the others on this list who fall on the older side of draft entrees, Kyshawn George is just 20 years old and has just completed his lone year for the Miami Hurricanes. Additionally, while the others may be in play for a trade back based on their high floors but relatively low ceilings, George is more of a wildcard. His floor is lower than the others, but has the potential to have an extremely high ceiling. During his freshman campaign, George averaged only 7.6 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists. While those numbers aren’t draft-worthy, he never truly was given a real opportunity. He only played 23 minutes per game, limiting his showcasing of skill. 

Even in his limited playing time,though, Kyshawn was an elite catch and shoot prospect, making over 40 percent of his catch and shoot opportunities. Additionally, he was almost 37 percent on spot up three point shooting, and is great at getting his teammates involved with his passing.On the other end, George’s defensive IQ is well above average. He will need to get stronger to continue this at the next level, but the effort and understanding, defensively, is already there. 

Because of his lackluster numbers and fairly unproven play, George is being mocked in the 20’s, meaning Detroit would be trading back extremely far to be in play here. The trade packed for Detroit would likely be a fairly large one if someone wanted to move up 15 spots or so. That package, plus the potential for an above average three point shooting, 6-foot-7 point guard-esque wing. Detroit would have to at least consider it.