Is this really the "dream free agent" for the Detroit Pistons?

Jun 13, 2023; Detroit, MI, USA; Troy Weaver general manager of the Detroit Pistons
Jun 13, 2023; Detroit, MI, USA; Troy Weaver general manager of the Detroit Pistons / Brian Bradshaw Sevald-USA TODAY Sports

With another losing season nearly in the books, the Detroit Pistons will soon turn toward the future.

If you want to be optimistic, you're hanging your hat on their young talent whether they develop into stars themselves, or land the Pistons one in a trade.

The Pistons also have a ton of cap space, so could potentially add an impact talent in free agency without having to give up any of their own.

The list of free agents is thin, and what's left isn't overly appealing.

Bleacher Report recently listed a reasonable, optimistic and dream free agent for each team and their choices for the Pistons were Miles Bridges (puke), Tobias Harris and Pascal Siakam, respectively.

I'm not a fan of Bridges as a player or person, but he is 26 and if the Pistons want to take the PR hit, they can probably land him, though a mediocre 3-point shooter who isn't a good defender is hardly what they need.

Tobias Harris has been mentioned a lot, as has his age and expected price tag, both of which might be too high for the Pistons.

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Then we come to the "dream" free agent Pascal Siakam, who was traded from Toronto to Indiana and is likely on his way to the playoffs.

If the Pacers do well, there might be mutual interest in Siakam sticking around, but if they flame out, and given their strength at the position, the Pacers could decide that giving a max deal to Siakam isn't in their best interests.

Should it be in the Pistons'?

The Detroit Pistons and Pascal Siakam

I've written plenty about Siakam over the last two seasons, as he's been mentioned in a million trade rumors. While he is a very good player, I do have reservations about making him the centerpiece of the offseason if he does become available.

Siakam is a career 32 percent 3-point shooter, though he has shot better (36.8 percent) with Indiana. In one of his All-Star seasons, Siakam shot 36 percent on 6.1 attempts from long range per game, so he's shown he can be more of a stretch.

I think you can live with his outside shooting, but the spacing is a concern, especially if you are going to play him with Jalen Duren, Jaden Ivey, Cade Cunningham and Ausar Thompson.

There is also concern about giving a near-30-year-old player a max deal when he's not a seamless fit and may require further roster maneuvers. If those were to come, particularly if the Pistons added more shooting, then Siakam could work, but adding him to their current roster does present some challenges.

It may be a moot point anyway, as he could just re-sign with Indiana or one of the other teams that will likely be in pursuit. As good as Siakam is, I don't think he's the "dream" free agent and it's far more likely that such a player doesn't exist.