Final NBA Mock Draft: Pistons surprise, best prospect for every team

2021 NBA Draft
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The 2024 NBA Draft is tomorrow and there is still absolutely no consensus about what the Detroit Pistons are going to do. 

That applies to the entire league in an unheralded draft replete with trade rumors and speculation. 

There is usually less action than predicted, but that may not be the case this season, which is why there are myriad scenarios and possibilities for the Pistons. 

Detroit has indicated their willingness to take on contracts for assets, so we could see them involved in multiple trades tomorrow with their own pick or someone else's. 

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But for this final Mock Draft of the offseason (thank god) we’ll just look at the best possible prospect for each team, ignoring the possible trades, aggregate mock drafts and rumors. 

2024 NBA Mock Draft: Best prospect for each team 

#1: Atlanta Hawks select Zaccharie Risacher 

Considering that several of the top prospects, including Alex Sarr, have not even worked out for the Hawks, this one will likely come down to Risacher or a trade. 

Atlanta is not likely to find a deal they like for this pick, as teams are comfortable choosing later and paying the smaller guaranteed contract. 

Risacher is a big wing who can shoot and defend and would fit on any team. The Hawks probably wish they had the number one in a different draft, but will likely just take Risacher and move on from there.