Final NBA Mock Draft: Pistons surprise, best prospect for every team

2021 NBA Draft
2021 NBA Draft / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages
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#5: Detroit Pistons select Cody Williams 

Just about every mock draft has the Pistons taking Buzelis here and maybe they will. 

But their interest in him predates Trajan Langdon, so we have no idea how he feels. In the past, Langdon has preferred players who have length and can defend, so either Buzelis or Williams works here. 

The biggest difference is that Buzelis is coming off a poor shooting year in the G-League, where shooting numbers are generally inflated, while Williams shot over 41 percent from long range, albeit on a low number of attempts. 

Buzelis’ size and athleticism could get him the call here, but Williams also has NBA DNA, which could give him the edge. 

I’d be lying if I said I had any clue what the Detroit Pistons are going to do and not much would surprise me here, including trading back. 

If they have targeted Williams, then trading back makes sense, though I predict he will not fall as far as he has in most mock drafts, which have him going to OKC at 12.  

It’s hard to see a player of his profile (especially in this draft) falling out of the top 10. 

The Pistons are likely to trade this pick or take a wing and it could come down to which prospect they like more out of Williams and Buzelis.