8 Former Detroit Pistons the team could re-sign this summer

Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers
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Bruce Brown Jr: Team option, $23 million 

Bruce Brown has shown he can be a productive and important role player on a good team, but considering where Toronto is right now, they may decide that $23 million is too high a price to pay for such a player. 

If Brown hits free agency, he’ll have suitors, though he may not get as much in annual salary this time around. He’s an interesting fit for the Pistons, who need defenders, toughness and versatility, which Brown provides, but would he get exposed in a bigger role on a worse team? 

Brown seems destined to be the glue guy on a good team, but the Detroit Pistons aren’t there yet, so he would be a reach, and that’s if he even gets to free agency. I love Brown as a player, I’m just not sure his timeline matches with where the Pistons are right now.