8 Former Detroit Pistons the team could re-sign this summer

Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers
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Tobias Harris: Unrestricted free agent 

Harris will be one of the top unrestricted free agents this summer and is a guy who has already been connected to the Pistons. While he’s a fit in some regards, I do have my doubts about his age and contract, as he’s not a player who will move the needle that much for the Pistons on his own and may command a massive salary. 

Harris is a professional bucket getter who rarely gets hurt, and he plays a position of need, so he’s going to be in every free agent rumor involving the Pistons, but at what cost? On a team-friendly deal, he makes sense, but if Harris is looking for another All-Star level contract for less than All-Star level production, the Pistons should let him find it elsewhere.