3 free-agent flops Pistons rightfully avoided, 5 home runs they missed out on

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Biggest Agent Miss for the Detroit Pistons

Jerami Grant

Grant was the guy I wanted the Pistons to pursue, as he had all of the qualities they were looking for (a power forward who can defend, shoot and be a secondary scoring option) and is a guy who actually wanted to be in Detroit at one point.

He has a good relationship with Weaver, so it made sense for the Pistons to aim for a reunion. Admittedly, I was a little less keen when I saw his 5-year/$160 million contract, and at the time, I thought the Pistons might have dodged a bullet.

Now, I am not so sure. Grant is still what the Pistons need, as he is scoring 23.4 per game, a career high, while shooting over 42 percent from 3-point range. He's been lights out of late and would almost certainly have the Pistons in a much different position now and moving forward. And when you factor in the rising salary cap, his contract isn't that bad and will more or less be minimum wage for a quality NBA starter.

There aren't any free-agent options in 2024 that are better than Grant, so the Pistons probably should have just opened the vault and brought him back.

At some point, the Pistons have to actually try to win games, which means taking some risks on players in trades or free agency. None of these players were "perfect" but all could have helped the Pistons take the steps we are seeing other rebuilds take.

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