3 Free agents the Pistons should have signed instead of Tobias Harris

Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers
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Naji Marshall 

This one hurt, as I thought there was a good chance Naji Marshall was coming to Detroit and he’s one of my favorite players to watch. 

The prototypical junkyard dawg, Marshall is a connector on offense, and a gritty, tough defender who is not afraid of the difficult assignment. If nothing else, he’d be great competition for the other young wings on Detroit. 

He signed a modest 3-year/$27 million deal to go to Dallas, a bargain for a quality role player. 

Is he as good as Harris? No, not even close offensively. 

But for that cost, Marshall is a great deal and again, the Pistons could have signed all three of these guys for slightly more than Harris cost. 

I am just arguing the other side here, as I liked the Harris signing and don’t think there were too many other options on the table for Detroit. He’s not going to make them a contender, but he balances the rotation and gives them a consistent scoring threat next to Cade Cunningham. 

I’ve liked Langdon’s offseason so far, as he is doing the things Troy Weaver should have been doing for the last three years, which is adding short-term deals, assets and guys who are fits with Cade.