From up and comer to champion: 5 POBO candidates for the Pistons

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Game Seven
Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Game Seven / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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Peter Dinwiddie 

Another analytics guru like Balcetis, Peter Dinwiddie is currently the VP of Basketball Operations for the Philadelphia 76ers, so this would be a natural progression for him. Prior to that, Dinwiddie had a similar job with the Indiana Pacers. 

Dinwiddie was part of the Paul George trade that helped rebuild the Indiana Pacers, which is useful experience for a Pistons’ team that may have to pull off a big trade to change their roster. 

He was also part of the Ben Simmons trade, and many recent Philly moves that have brought in complementary players to put around Joel Embiid. 

These first four candidates are all young and none of them have served as a POBO before, so this would be a leap of faith for Gores, who has leaned towards more experience in the past, though did make a similar hire when he brought on Troy Weaver. 

So, if Gores wanted to go for a more experienced hand, there is another candidate out there who would be the biggest possible splash.