The good news is that the Pistons can be fixed

Dec 26, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Pistons guard Cade Cunningham walks back to the bench
Dec 26, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Pistons guard Cade Cunningham walks back to the bench / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

If you squinted hard enough last night, the Detroit Pistons looked like a good basketball team.

But it didn't last, and the Pistons fell for the 28th straight time, plunging into the type of history no franchise wants to be connected with.

There's enough negativity around this team right now, so I'm going to look at the bright side of this. Don't worry it won't last.

Some of the young players are good, especially Cade Cunningham, who is taking the star turn we were waiting for.

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Cunningham still has his flaws, but over his last six games he's been spectacular, averaging 31.7 points, 7.2 assists and 5.0 rebounds while shooting 57 percent from the floor and 46 percent from long range.

He and Jaden Ivey have had some good moments together as starters, including last night when they were rolling in the first half. Ivey took over late and helped bring the team back after they coughed up the lead and for a few minutes each game, you can see the vision.

The Pistons have the young talent to build around with Cunningham, Ivey, Duren and Ausar Thompson. The problem hasn't been the kids, which is the good news.

The Detroit Pistons' bench is killing them

As they have over this entire streak, the Pistons' bench was atrocious again last night, which has been the primary theme of late.

Monty Williams keeps running out all bench units even though they cough up leads faster than an empty court. He hasn't been able to find the right combination, has sucked the life out of Ausar Thompson and keeps running Burks and Livers out there even though they can't make a shot.

The Pistons' bench is easily the worst in the NBA. They don't make shots, they don't defend and they have no identity.

We talk a lot about the Pistons needing more star power, and they do, but I also wonder what they might look like right now with 3-4 competent bench players who complement the core.

The good news is that the Pistons have seven expiring contracts and should be looking for seven new players. They don't have to add a star, they just have to fill those spots with guys who can play.

The bad news is that they will have to turn over half of their roster, but at least the problem is easy to identify. They need a bench and they need two-way wings. That should be the entire focus of the rest of this season and next offseason. Competent NBA players. Right now, the Pistons have no more than 4-5 a night.

It sounds silly to say "All they need is seven new players and they'll be good!" but that's kind of where we are. Can they do what they need to do in one trade deadline and off-season? Probably not, but they can start to patch the obvious holes and get moving in the right direction.

I am Homer #1, but as bad as this team is, I don't think they're as far away as their record indicates. It is fixable, but it's going to take smart additions to the roster and some thought put into building an actual team.

For now, enjoy Cade Cunningham and dream of what he can be when he has a decent cast around him.