The 10 Greatest Pistons in history, ranked by Player Efficiency Rating (PER)

Denver Nuggets v Detroit Pistons
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#5: George Yardley (PER 21.1) 

Another Hall of Famer, Yardley played parts of six seasons with Fort Wayne and then Detroit in the 1950s. He made the All-Star team in seven of his eight seasons in the NBA after getting a late start in the league at age 25. 

Yardley played 384 games for the Pistons and averaged over 19 points and 9.2 rebounds per game in that time while making some interesting history. He led the league in scoring in the first year of the Detroit Pistons’ existence as one of the players who made the transition from Fort Wayne. 

He was also the first player to score over 2,000 points in an NBA season. His career was not a long one, as he only played from age 25 to age 31, but Yardley left his mark as a scorer and on the history of the Fort Wayne and eventually Detroit Pistons.