Hierarchy of to-do items for the Detroit Pistons this offseason

Chicago Bulls v Detroit Pistons
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Priority Number 3: Extend Simone Fontecchio

Detroit’s move to acquire Simone at the deadline was surprising to me for a few reasons. One, I was only recently introduced to Simone so he was relatively unknown beforehand. And two, I was surprised that Utah would let him go so easily. Regardless, I loved what he brought to this team post-trade deadline. Even though he is already 28, it was just his second season in the NBA and he already has above average defense and is one of the best corner three point shooters in the league. The new HOBO needs to make it a priority to keep Tek-19 around for the next few years. He has said he wants to be in Detroit, and no matter if he is a starter here next season, or coming off the bench, he brings a tremendous skill set. 

Priority Number 4: Explore a trade for a star wing/forward

The next two priorities are more of wants/wishes compared to the first three. I firmly believe Detroit will do the first three, in that order. These next two, however, I’m more unsure of. With that being said, priority number four is what the Pistons fans deserve. For years, Detroit’s front office has been taking on bad contracts and creating cap space to make a move for a star. The time should be now to halt this rebuild from crumbling any further. There have been multiple reports and mock trades that have Detroit targeting guys like Mikal Bridges. This would likely mean parting ways with Ivey, Duren, and a first round draft pick but getting a star on the wing like Bridges is exactly what Detroit/Cade needs. We are at a point in this nightmare of a rebuild where they may need to move on from some core pieces who were previously thought to be untouchable if need be.

If Mikal’s price is too high, Detroit can target a more gettable star such as Brandon Ingram. No matter who it ends up being, the Pistons front office needs to prioritize at least making the calls and doing their due diligence. It’s time to get the fans and Cade another star.