Home run or disaster? Grade for Pistons' selection of Ron Holland

2024 NBA Draft - Round One
2024 NBA Draft - Round One / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Pistons’ selection of Ron Holland is not a win-now move 

There was plenty of speculation leading up to the draft that the Pistons would trade back or try to use their pick to get a proven player who can help them improve now. 

After suffering through the worst season in team history, it’s only natural to, you know, want to win a few games. 

But remember, Trajan Langdon had nothing to do with that. He’s coming in with a clean slate, isn’t worried about the timeline of guys he didn’t draft, and is going to take the best player available. 

Unfortunately, an 18-year-old with a project shot is not someone who is going to help right away. 

It’s also fair to ask why the Pistons, who have been the worst shooting team in the league for what seems like decades, have taken another guy with a sketchy shot. 

Don’t they already have a player with a similar makeup in Ausar Thompson? How are these two going to share the floor together? 

And what about Cade Cunningham? This isn’t the type of pick that is going to pay off for him right away, so now you are selling your franchise player on another rebuild just before he is to sign an extension. 

When it comes to instant improvement and fit, this pick is tougher to defend. I get why people have concerns over the shooting. I get why people have problems with high-upside pick with bust potential vs. someone who is a clear fit with a higher floor. 

So, when it comes to timeline and ending of misery, this pick gets a middling grade. 

Grade: C 

But there’s more to this pick than the present.