3 Increasingly bold moves Pistons can make to cause chaos at the NBA Draft

Detroit Pistons v Chicago Bulls
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After months of speculation, the NBA Draft is just a day away and we still have no clue what the Detroit Pistons are going to do. 

It's a sign of a wide-open draft where just about all possibilities are in play. 

By this time last year, it was already well leaked that the Pistons would likely take Ausar Thompson, but this year there is no consensus about what they are going to do. 

Trajan Langdon could choose to play it safe in his first draft, but he also talked about his willingness to take on contracts if there were assets attached. 

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With that context in mind, here are three moves the Pistons could make that would throw various forms of monkey wrenches into the NBA Draft. 

#3: Detroit Pistons select Cody Williams with the 5th pick 

This would be a bold move for Detroit, as many mock drafts have Williams going much later, so they might be able to trade back and get him anyway. 

But mock drafts are going to be wrong more often than not this year, when no one can predict what is going to happen with a straight face. 

Many scouts believe Williams has the highest floor of any prospect in the draft, as his size, athletic ability, finishing around the rim and defense make him a good bet to succeed at the next level. 

With a lot of uncertainty, the fact that his brother is already thriving in the NBA might give Williams an edge. 

This would force teams later in the lottery to reevaluate their plans and could cause another highly ranked prospect to fall. It’s a moderate amount of chaos and I wouldn’t be shocked if this happens.