3 Increasingly bold moves Pistons can make to cause chaos at the NBA Draft

Detroit Pistons v Chicago Bulls
Detroit Pistons v Chicago Bulls / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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#2: Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls make a big trade 

The Bulls are increasingly desperate to move LaVine but there isn’t much of a market unless they are willing to give him away for nothing or even attach an asset for a team to take on the three years left on his deal. 

Chicago can’t move on until they rid themselves of LaVine, so if I am the Pistons, I am not going anywhere near him unless the 11th pick comes with. 

Chicago isn’t going to just give him away, so Detroit may have to give them Isaiah Stewart or Marcus Sasser in exchange. The Bulls get a backup and off LaVine’s deal, while the Pistons get a dynamic scorer and another lottery pick to take on that contract. 

This could also potentially allow the Pistons to draft both Buzelis and Williams with the 5th and 11th picks or grab one of the big wings with a shooter like Knecht. 

This would be the best of both worlds for Detroit, as they conceivably improve with LaVine but also get to take on some young prospects to add to their rebuild. If they didn’t want a second pick, the Pistons could re-route the 11th pick to someone else (the Wizards perhaps in exchange for Kuzma) and get another player. 

If the Bulls want more or won’t attach that pick, then hang up the phone. 

If a deal like this happened, it would have a ripple effect on the draft and trade market for multiple teams.