3 Increasingly bold moves Pistons can make to cause chaos at the NBA Draft

Detroit Pistons v Chicago Bulls
Detroit Pistons v Chicago Bulls / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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#1: Detroit Pistons make a big trade with the Portland Trail Blazers 

Of all the teams the Pistons could deal with, Portland may be the most appealing, as they are desperate to cut payroll and have multiple lottery picks. 

They are nearing the 2nd apron, a place no 21-win team has any business being, so could look to deal Jerami Grant. Given the limited number of teams with cap space, the Pistons can be greedy with theirs and require one of Portland’s picks to bring Grant back to Detroit. 

If the Pistons are going to take on bad contracts to help teams out, they need assets (2nd-round picks don’t count, Troy) but they also need to target guys who can actually play. We don’t need another Joe Harris. We don’t need another Evan Fournier. 

Detroit has a chance to make some noise in the 2024 NBA Draft, whether it is taking a prospect no one expects or by making a big trade.