5 Initial thoughts on the Detroit Pistons dropping to 5th again

Atlanta Hawks wins the NBA draft lottery...
Atlanta Hawks wins the NBA draft lottery... / Anadolu/GettyImages
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#5: Who will the Detroit Pistons choose if they get the 5th pick? I have an idea 

We’ll see loads of different players mocked to the Detroit Pistons over the coming weeks. I’m sure we’ll hear plenty about Dalton Knecht and Reed Sheppard as shooting options. We’ll hear about Donovan Clingan’s rim protection and Stephon Castle’s defense. 

But If I had to bet right now who the Pistons will draft, my guess would be Matas Buzelis, the 6-foot-9 G-League wing. 

Not only is he a talent with big-time upside, but he fills a position of need, and possibly most importantly when we are talking about the Pistons, he is a client of Michael Tellem, son of Arn Tellem and Detroit rarely passes up an opportunity to lean on nepotism.