Is Isaiah Stewart playing tonight? Pistons vs. Hawks injury update

Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks
Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

The Detroit Pistons were feeling great on October 28th. They had just won two in a row, had a 2-1 record and the fanbase was optimistic.

It's now December 18th and they haven't won since. If only someone had warned us that being 2-1 in October would be the highlight of the season.

The Pistons are now riding an unfathomable and embarrassing 23-game losing streak and any optimism the fanbase had has long evaporated.

And these haven't been the "fight until the end" variety of losses either, as the Pistons have been getting washed like the Washington Generals playing the Harlem Globetrotters. The last game against the Bucks got so bad that I thought a halftime forfeit might be on the table. Giannis had his two kids on the bench with him by the 4th quarter and I half wondered if they could get minutes in the Pistons' rotation.

It's been the same old story of ineffectiveness, injuries and just plain uninspired play. Can the Pistons finally snap out of it on the road against an equally depleted Hawks team?

Pistons vs. Hawks injury update

The Detroit Pistons will be missing Monte Morris of course, and Jalen Duren and Isaiah Stewart will once again be out, leaving them just Marvin Bagley III and James Wiseman at center.

Wiseman has shown some life of late, which is something to care about, I suppose. He's at least been setting screens and rolling hard to the rim and has cut down the defensive miscues, or maybe the other teams just got bored when they were up 20 in the first quarter, hard to say.

The Hawks have plenty of injuries of their own, as Kobe Bufkin and Jalen Johnson are still out and will be joined by AJ Griffin and Mouhamed Gueye. Clint Capela, Bogdan Bogdanovic and De'Andre Hunter are all listed as questionable for Atlanta.

This seems like a winnable game for Detroit, but keep in mind that Atlanta was missing Trae Young the last time the two teams played and still got the win.

How to watch Pistons vs. Hawks

I've heard a lot of fans talking about a boycott of the Pistons, at least until their owner or GM breaks the silence about this catastrophic season. The hashtag #SellTheTeam has been trending in Detroit circles online and the last home game featured fans wearing bags on their heads.

But if you're still hanging around, you can watch on Bally Sports Detroit or listen on 950 AM. You can stream the game on NBA League Pass if you live out of market and are a masochist, or you can get a free trial at FUBOtv.