Latest NBA rumors: Will the Detroit Pistons trade another center?

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The running joke last offseason was how Troy Weaver and the Detroit Pistons loved centers, as they had collected four, two of which had overlapping skillsets.

Jalen Duren is the center of the future and many believe Isaiah Stewart should be his backup, though the Pistons have primarily used him as a power forward with Duren.

The Pistons traded Marvin Bagley III to the Wizards recently and have still been using James Wiseman as the primary backup, though no one knows why, as he has mostly been terrible. They could be showcasing Wiseman for a future trade, or just trying to see what they have in a young player on an expiring contract in a season that is long dead.

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But according to one report, it's Stewart, not Wiseman, who could be on the move.

NBA trade rumors: Will the Detroit Pistons trade Isaiah Stewart?

Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report speculated that the Oklahoma City Thunder could make a move for Isaiah Stewart if they fail to land some of their bigger targets, namely Pascal Siakam.

The Thunder are currently 2nd in the Western Conference and have more young players and draft picks than they know what to do with. Seriously, we should probably get used to seeing the Thunder at the top of the standings, as they have a talented cast of young players and enough trade assets to land just about anyone.

Here is what Pincus had to say about the possibility of Stewart being traded to OKC:

"Still, a less-expensive name to watch is Isaiah Stewart with the Detroit Pistons. While they just traded Marvin Bagley III to Washington, if Detroit is open to moving the 6-foot-8 forward/center, they can probably get a strong return from Oklahoma City (draft compensation and perhaps Tre Mann and/or Ousmane Dieng)."

It's hard to imagine the Pistons trading Stewart, whom they recently extended, but what would a trade with OKC look like?