Love/hate for 7 key Detroit Pistons and Monty Williams

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Jaden Ivey 

Love: His mental toughness 

Hate: The mystery of his role and future 

I put a lot of Ivey’s issues this season on Monty Williams, who jerked him in and out of the lineup, never staggered him with Cade Cunningham and couldn’t figure out a role for his second-year guard. 

I do love that Ivey hasn’t pouted during any of it, continues to play hard and say the right things even though this season has been a tough one for him individually. 

He’s still terrible on defense. He still turns it over too much. He’s still far too streaky as a shooter. And we still don’t know what his ultimate role or future with this team is. The most disappointing part of this season to me is that it doesn’t feel like we are any closer to knowing if Cade and Ivey can work together. 

Should Ivey be traded? Moved to the bench? It’s disappointing that we have to ask these questions again and even more so that we don’t have any answers.