Love/hate for 7 key Detroit Pistons and Monty Williams

Detroit Pistons v Minnesota Timberwolves
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Cade Cunningham 

Love: He’s a star 

Hate: He can’t stay healthy 

Cade Cunningham played like an All-Star this season, though some fans continue to blame him for the lack of team success. We especially saw it after the All-Star break, when he started nailing 3-point shots and looked virtually unstoppable on offense. 

But he’s much easier to stop when he’s not in the game, which has been the case again this season. To be fair, Cunningham is coming off a major surgery that cost him last year, so getting 62 games out of him this season can be seen as a plus, especially when you consider that he played big minutes with heavy usage when he did play. 

But it’s also concerning that your franchise cornerstone can’t be counted on to play 65 games and Cunningham will come up short of that mark unless he plays in at least three of the last four, which may not happen if the Pistons are content to let him ride out the season healthy but on the bench.