March 2024 grades for the Detroit Pistons: Injuries and regression

Detroit Pistons v Minnesota Timberwolves
Detroit Pistons v Minnesota Timberwolves / David Berding/GettyImages
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Overall: C-

Part of me believes that the Pistons deserve worse than a C- for this past month. Almost all players saw their per 36 stats decline this month, so their grade from the month has to be low. But you have to step back, and realize a few things. One being that last month, the Pistons were possibly playing their best ball of the season. Comparatively, it makes sense that their numbers dropped this month. Now some dropped to a concerning level, but a drop of some sort was expected. 

Additionally, as the month drew on, we were forced to watch starting lineups with primarily G-League players because of injuries. It’s extremely difficult to play with so many different lineups and levels of talent. That inevitably affected players' performances this past month. 

Detroit only has six games remaining. This past month saw good performances from Wiseman and Cade, to an extent. At this point, any improvement and development over the next two weeks will be a win for Detroit.