More depth or big trade coming after Pistons most recent signing?

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Option #1: Paul Reed adds depth to the Detroit Pistons 

As soon as the news about the Reed signing broke, many fans of the Pistons speculated this meant one of the other bigs would be on the move (more on that in a second). 

I saw a lot of people saying something along the lines of “Paul Reed is too good to be a third big,” but these fans must have short memories. 

I’m old enough to remember guys like Marvin Bagley III, Mike Muscala and Danilo Gallinari, who all played rotation minutes at center for the Pistons just last season. 

Isaiah Stewart played 46 games last year, 50 the year before that. Jalen Duren has played 67 and 61 games in his two years in the league. 

You need three capable big men in the NBA, especially when you have two guys who have had problems with injuries. Big men are going to get hurt, so having insurance is a good thing. 

Reed and Stewart are also versatile enough to play with other bigs. Stewart improved his shooting last season, as did Reed, though he doesn’t fire many from long range. He did hit nearly 37 percent of the ones he did take. 

Pistons fans are not used to seeing so many competent NBA players on the roster, so as soon as there are three of them at one position, a trade is the first thought. 

How about we just keep them all? Having versatile big men who can play either spot and defend is a good thing, no? 

But there is a small chance that this signing means a big trade is coming.