More depth or big trade coming after Pistons most recent signing?

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Option #2: The Detroit Pistons trade Isaiah Stewart or Jalen Duren

The Pelicans are trying to move Brandon Ingram, which is no secret. It’s also no secret that Trajan Langdon, former GM of the Pelicans, is very familiar with Ingram’s work. 

Add in some previous trade speculation about Isaiah Stewart and you have the perfect storm for a trade rumor. 

With Reed now on board, the Pistons could send Stewart and Ivey (for example) to New Orleans for Ingram, which would give Detroit another star they didn’t have to draft, develop or sign in free agency. 

If Ingram went back to launching more 3’s, as he did the last time he had a point guard that wasn’t a 300 lb. offensive lineman, then he could be a nice fit with Cade Cunningham. 

I don’t see this as likely, as Langdon didn’t offer Ingram an extension when he could have and so far, he seems reluctant to go beyond two years on any deal, which he would need to do to secure Ingram for the long term. 

As of now, the Pistons have three competent big men, two who are very versatile and all three can handle minutes. That sets up the roster at center, and if everyone stays healthy, who knows, the surplus could be used in a trade. 

I’m not ruling it out, but I’m also not ruling out that the Pistons just completed their big man rotation and got another player on a value deal without hurting their financial flexibility. 

They aren’t huge wins, but Langdon has stacked the small w’s this offseason and it’s adding up to a competent NBA roster for the first time in five years for the Pistons.