4 Moves Trajan Langdon needs to make to save the Detroit Pistons

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The first step of a massive offseason for the Detroit Pistons has been taken: Trajan Langdon has been hired as the new President of Basketball Operations.

Now the fun begins, as the former New Orleans Pelicans General Manager has a grueling task ahead of him. The dumpster fire that is the Detroit Pistons is still wildly ablaze, therefore Langdon is going to have to come equipped with much more than a super-soaker, or even a loaded-up fire extinguisher.

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Langdon will need to arrive in Detroit with a plan, a fire brigade, and even one of those planes that dumps water on a forest fire. What should that plan be? As soon as the hire was announced, I instantly thought to myself: What would I do if I was Trajan? What would my plan be? Four things came to mind.

4 Things Trajan Langdon needs to do for the Detroit Pistons right away

#1: Clean house and establish a new culture

Troy Weaver? Gone. Monty Williams? Gone. Assistant coaches? Gone forever. Anyone else involved in the atrocity that was last season? See ya! Trajan Langdon needs to touch down in Detroit and make a statement.

I don't expect a "Knee Cap Speech" like our Lions lord and savior Dan Campbell gave, but I need Langdon to show the Pistons Community that this is different. Change is coming. If I am Langdon, I walk in here, boot everyone out, hire my people, my scouts, my front office folk, as well as hire a coach who knows about establishing a culture.

When I think of culture in the NBA, I think of one team: The Miami Heat. Hmm, who's a guy who has been rumored in every coaching search for the last two years, including the Pistons, who would know a thing or two about Heat Culture? Chris Quinn.

If I am Langdon, I want to change the culture around here immediately. Showing up and being unafraid of tearing it all down would not only impress the Pistons Community, but it would show proactiveness and bring excitement. It would jump-start the crucial offseason ahead. Pair that with bringing in Chris Quinn, a former player and guy who has been with Miami since 2014? Sign me up.