4 Moves Trajan Langdon needs to make to save the Detroit Pistons

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#2: Draft for defense or trade the pick

While falling to 5th again was as predictable as the sun coming up tomorrow, the Pistons and Langdon still have a big opportunity here. If I'm Langdon, I am approaching this draft with two mindsets: Draft Donovan Clingan at #5 (if he is available) or trade the pick.

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The Pistons need front-court defense. Clingan will instantly impact the defensive end, as the 7-footer is tough as nails and is an elite shot blocker. On the offensive side, he is everything you need in the modern NBA. He is a solid screener who will roll to the rim and catch lobs. He will grab seven or more boards a game and he is developing an outside shooting touch.

I love the Brooke Lopez comparison for Clingan. If I'm Langdon, I'm banking on Clingan developing and evolving to Lopez's level, becoming the Pistons franchise center for years to come. If Clingan is off the board, trade this pick for future draft capital and begin building a war chest of assets that can be used in future deals.