4 Moves Trajan Langdon needs to make to save the Detroit Pistons

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#4: Condense the core with a trade

The current Pistons roster is not an NBA roster. There are NBA players on the roster, but the pieces do not fit. Some of these players do not belong with one another.

Weaver's young core of Stewart, Cunningham, Ivey, Duren, Thompson, and Sasser has not worked at all and it would be a crime to trot them all out at LCA next season. As Langdon, my plan is to condense the young core and focus this entire offseason on the only flickering light on this roster: Cade Cunningham.

Every decision needs to be with Cade in mind, as he has proven that he can, at the very least, be a very good NBA player. Can he be a star? We don't know, as he's never had a competent roster around him.

Langdon comes from New Orleans, home of Brandon Ingram. Free agency is not going to bring us stars in Detroit, so trading for one is the only option. I am all in on brinigng BI to to the Motor City. Trade Duren, Stewart and a future pick, although I don't know it even takes that much, and put the Pistons back on the map.

Cut Wiseman, Fournier and all the other corpses that populate this roster, and trot out a lineup that looks something like below and I think the Pistons are back to relevancy instantly and establish a foundation that will finally restore the Pistons.