NBA Draft: #1 pick options, would any of them help save the Pistons?

NBL Rd 8 - Perth Wildcats v Cairns Taipans
NBL Rd 8 - Perth Wildcats v Cairns Taipans / Paul Kane/GettyImages
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Possible #1 picks for the Detroit Pistons in the 2024 NBA Draft

Alex Sarr: PF/C, Perth Wildcats

ESPN has the Detroit Pistons selecting Sarr second in their mock draft, which would not be a pick that would electrify the fanbase.

Sarr is mostly known as a defensive prospect with a huge wingspan whose greatest skill is blocking shots. He's long and switchable and can play a couple of spots. Here he is in action:

Again, the Pistons aren't in a position to draft for need, but it's hard to see how Sarr fits with what they already have given that he's another big who is not a threat on offense. He's a poor fit with Jalen Duren, so you are looking at using a top pick in the draft on a bench player? I don't see it. This may be the year when the Pistons finally trade their pick.

Zaccharie Risacher: SF, L Bourg

A big wing who is highly skilled with the ball and can shoot? Yes please. There's a lot to like about Risacher, who is only 18 and has been playing professionally for three seasons. He's not an above-the-rim athlete, but projects as a guy who should be able to score, pass and who handles the ball very well for his size (6-foot-9) and age.

It's pretty clear the Detroit Pistons need more offensive talent and shooting around their guards, so Risacher is a guy to monitor as the season progresses.