NBA Mock Draft: One prospect "reach" for every lottery team

Purdue v Connecticut
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#10: Atlanta Hawks select Tidjane Salaun 

Salaun is a guy I could see skyrocketing as the draft gets closer, as his combination of size and two-way potential is going to turn some heads if he participates in the Draft Combine. I like him for the Detroit Pistons if they were to move back in the draft and could even see him as a possibility if Detroit were to fall to 5th. 

No one knows what the Hawks are going to do this offseason, but assuming they trade one of their guards and maybe Clint Capela, they will be starting a soft rebuild and Salaun has high upside as a defender, though he does need to improve his shot. 

He’s a reach in the top-10 but one I could see some team making in this draft.